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How do you beat crazy time?

The strategy that works for Crazy Time is that you bet on all four bonus fields with your initial bet. If your initial bet is €1, you have bet a total of €4 on the first round. If your fields are not hit, you double your bet in the next round.

How often does crazy time hit?

Crazy Time Odds The chance of hitting each segment is listed below: 38.88% chance of stopping on 1 (21 segments) 24.07% chance of stopping on 2 (13 segments) 12.96% chance of stopping on 5 (7 segments)

What is Tracksino?

Tracksino is a free service that records the results of the most popular live casino games and provides the ability to test exactly how bets would have turned out. Not only can this information help hone strategies, it also gives users the chance to verify the fairness of each game.

How many sections are on the crazy time wheel?


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